We have 10 years of successful experience in the highly competitive copier world.  We started DFW Office Systems to provide exceptional low cost, high quality print solutions and offer an outstanding customer experience.  We are able to save our clients thousands of dollars on commercial copier systems by sourcing super low metered or “gently used” fully loaded multifunction copier machines at huge discounted prices.  We have built a reputation of being completely transparent in all aspects of the copier services provided as well as being very easy to work with.

So how do we help you?

  • We will provide an onsite assessment of your current print needs. We look at the number of cases of paper you go through each month, the number of employees printing to the equipment, what you are printing and from where you are printing. Are you outsourcing to other print shops and want to bring some projects in house to save money?  We will interpret any current lease documents so that you will fully understand your current copier situation


  • Propose the BEST Solutions for your firm – Based on the findings from the initial assessment, we will develop a number of solutions that are recommended for you. We will create the copier game plan for your firm moving forward. We offer purchase programs, rental programs, leasing solutions and offer early lease buyout assistance as well.


  • Though our national dealer network, we are able to source brand new and “like new” copier systems. These systems are custom to what your print needs are. All machines or on their first or second toners.  It’s like a car with 10,000 miles on the odometer, but not pay the new car price.


  • Once we receive the equipment, the equipment will go through an extremely thorough testing process. We are not rebuilding equipment from the ground up, we are making sure all of the consumable parts are in good shape. If there is something that needs to be replaced, we replace it.  No questions.


  • We will then coordinate with you on an install date and time. At the install, we will install all print drivers and set up your scan to email or scan to folders. If you have an IT staff or 3rd party IT provider, we will assist them in any way they need.  Once this is complete, we will train you and your staff on how to use the copier.  We will go over the basic functionalities, simple maintenance's and your typical workflows on what you would perform during the work day.


  • All of our equipment is fully warrantied by our all-inclusive maintenance agreement. This will include copies/prints, your toners, drums, parts, labor and service calls. We have a 4 hours or less response.  We also try to troubleshoot calls over the phone to save downtime of your machine.  We understand this is used equipment, therefore we offer a loaner/replacement program just in case something does happen to your machine and we cannot fix your equipment.  Although this situation rarely happens, it is there for your protection which gives our clients the reassurance that the will always be taken care of.